The question is sometimes asked as to whether creating a coaching culture might allow a business or company to be different from their competitors.

No doubt, given the above, the answer would seem to be a definite “Yes.”

However, the leadership team in any organisation will need to ensure that the members of their company or business have what it takes to see the implementation of such a coaching culture and be resilient enough to hang in there during the change process.

Of course, introducing a coaching culture would normally require a 2 to 5 year change process (as it is with any kind of change within an organisation), but it would be particularly helpful if prior to the coaching culture being introduced, that staff, generally speaking, have had some initial introduction and training in basic skills like listening, effective communication, and emotional intelligence. These kinds of training courses (if sustained over time and not just here today and gone tomorrow) provide a very sound foundation for the implementation of a serious coaching culture.

In summary, leadership coaching and creating a coaching culture can help executives create tipping points to create an environment where individuals are more successful at managing their day-to-day responsibilities, meeting their goals, recognising when they find themselves at a crossroads, creating a fulfilling life, and allowing the business to meet its goals, grow and make profit.


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